It’s been awhile.

It seems I try to catch up and when I do, I take a look around and realize I’m really still behind. So it is. I might just have to start posting photos with no captions just to be able to share the many wonderful clients I’ve photographed lately.

Beautiful Wedding

Just one to quickly share from a wedding this past weekend in Kansas City.  So much fun to shoot outside in the full sun!  

Creek Triumph or Tragedy? You Decide.

What do you get when you add together worn out rubber shoes, a slick creek bed, an off balance photographer and a 4 thousand dollar camera & lens?

If you answered tragedy you would almost be right.  I almost screamed like thunder when I pulled the camera body and a 70-200mm lens out of the shallow water.  But not all was lost, I continued the shoot (after drying the camera and lens off) and this is one of the results.

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Jones Photography Senior Models

Diana is one of our newest Senior Models for Jones Photography.  We had our fist session this week and the images from it turned out great even though the weather was a little on the warm side!  Just wanted to share one of her mom’s favorite images from the session.

Remember if you are needing senior portraits done this summer, I would advise you to find one of our Senior Models and ask them for a card.  With that card you can earn free photos valuing $90!!!

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Transit of Venus

Bethany will be the only person I’ve ever photographed with the planet Venus in the background!  During the historical event we were out taking some amazing portraits and just had to share one from our session together.


Senior Models

Are you a graduating class of 2013?  or 2014?  We are looking for you.  We are expanding our Senior Model search and are looking for High School Seniors from Parkview, Glendale, Kickapoo, Ozark, Republic, Branson and other local area High Schools.

Apply Today …  Apply Online Here


Take advantage of the time you have now to capture those moments that seem to come and go so quickly.

Booking summer appointments now.


With the weather only getting hotter and summer right around the corner, don’t forget to schedule your senior or portrait session in advance.  All the good time get taken up quickly and trust me, being outside at noon on a 90 degree (or hotter) day is no fun!  Contact us today!

Summer Time 2012

It’s that time of year again.  Kids are out of school, the weather is heating up and it’s time for some fun.  Don’t forget, it’s also a great time for family or children portraits! Especially seniors!!!


Every so often I get a few exceptionally beautiful young ladies through the studio door that love getting their photo taken.  There is Tia, Kortni and Kate.  These three I have worked with the most over the past 6 months and it’s so much fun each and every time!  So, I had to share one of Kate’s favorite photos with you.  If you follow the Facebook Link below, you’ll be able to “Like” her image and become a “Fan” of our page.  If she get’s 40 of those likes and 10 new fans, then she get’s a FREE 8×10.   That’s over a $45 value just for you clicking a button!  Don’t be shy, help Kate.

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