What Happens When You Get Lost?

I’ve been fortunate enough this year to travel to several great locations.  While there I’ve attended some great seminars and heard some great speakers.  In fact just last Wednesday I attended another photographic conference in St. Louis.  This summer I attended one in Park City Utah, and while driving in the southern part of the state, I missed my turn and drove about 84 miles out of the way.  With no cell service or map to double check my location, I just kept driving.  That’s when I found this place.  Ghost Rock.   Talk about a wonderful view.  Absolutely spectacular!  It was so stunning that I had to record it in my memory as well as on film and for that reason had to share it with you.  So if you are ever driving in southern Utah and come across this small area to the side of the road, be sure to stop and take a look!  you’ll be glad you did.

Ghost Rock