Willard 2017 Graduation

If you are looking for the Graduation photos for the Willard, Missouri Class of 2017 then you have found your place! Actually, you can see them all online and order them here – https://www.jonesphoto.shootproof.com  

One going on two.

So a year ago our newest addition to the family joined us. She is a beautiful little girl full of energy and fun. Well, to celebrate we let her have her own cake. While she didn’t really dig into it as much as expected, she did seem to enjoy the chance at taking the spotlight. […]

5 Useful Tips for Photographing in the Snow

Our weather lately has been hit or miss.  One week it’s 70 degrees outside and this week it’s ice and snow.   With times like this, especially during winter time, you have to be quick to take advantage of whatever weather nature throws at you.  This week I took advantage of the snow, and wanted […]

2013 Fun Facts

Here are some great Fun Facts about Jones Photography and what we’ve done this last year!


Sometimes, you just need to be thankful for all you have.  Never forget there are reasons we work so hard.  Reasons we serve.  Reasons we listen.  Reasons we cry.  Reasons we celebrate.


Time for new photos?  Don’t waste time before it’s too late.  Get some new updated photographs for your loved ones!

Senior Photos

It’s that time of year.  Busy time.  School is in session and Yearbook Photos are due soon.  Don’t miss out!


This is Tessa from Branson, MO.  Here is her bio from her Facebook page: I am a 25 year old singer/songwriter/musician. I hail from the Ozarks, born and raised country girl, but I love a little bit of every kind of music. She’s an amazing talent and can been seen every Thursday at the Paddlewheel […]