My Last Week or Two

25 July 2006

Just when you think that things will start to slow down and you will be able to catch up, they speed up again and leave you in the dust. I literally had to think about what I was going to do when I went to the studio. I was down to my last choice.... organizing it. Luckily I had this last week, full of wonderful opportunities to be with friends and family, and also to be with the greatest clients around. The week before last I had a shoot with Michael.


Michael came to the studio with his mom looking for some Senior Pictures. We were able to take him to a downtown location and get some great shots. We then went to a rural/farm location to get some outdoor pictures with his truck. After that we went back to the studio and finished his session inside the A/C.


On the 117th of July we had Daniel come into the studio for his Senior Session. He brought along some ideas that he wanted to make sure we got. We went to the Park only to find it closed to the public. We planned a separate time in the evening to come back and get all the outdoor shots then. So we went back to the studio where it was nice and cool and proceeded with the pictures. He brought along a photo that his brother had done when he was a senior and we were to try and get close to what his was.

I think we were able to get really close. It is always hard matching photos exactly. There are so many lighting techniques as well as different lights out there that close is doing pretty good.

Our little ones.

Well then came July 18th. That is the day my third child was born. At 9:33am he arrived at Cox South. He and Mom are doing well at home and the "Older" brother and sister are happy to have him here with us. He sure is a cutie and we love having him around. The kids are very cautious with him and Savanna, (she's our oldest) is excellent at holding him. Every time we have someone stop to visit they both make sure to tell them that they need to wash their hands before they pick the baby up! I thought I was protective...


Soon after on the 20th we had Stephanie and her family come into the studio. They have a young one as well and were wanting to get an updated family portrait as well as some individual photos. They were all very wonderful and easy to get along with. We have a few props in the studio and the little ones really seem to go instantly to either the wooden rocking truck that is in the middle of the floor, or the Tonka truck filled with blocks. After we got them settled in we were able to get some great pictures. The kids did wonderful and I think they were happy to be on their way just as most kids are.

That same night on the 20th we headed downtown Springfield after the sun had set. Drury had given me a call telling me that they needed a photo of Rachel downtown in front of the Springfield Little Theater. The only thing was they wanted it after it was closed as well as at nighttime with the outside lights on. Rachel and I met downtown at a little after 11:00pm and were able to capture some very good images. I sent these over to Drury the next day and they are working them into their advertising. As soon as I remember to bring them with me on the laptop I will post them here.

Joe and Steph

The 21st of July proved to be quite the busy day as well. After getting things settled at the studio and in town I went to pick up my lovely wife and newborn baby from the hospital. It was exciting to get to bring them home. We got them here at about 4:30pm. Shortly after at 6:15 we had Joseph and Stephanie stop by before heading to their reception at 7:00pm.


We spent about 10-15 minutes with them before they rushed off. We were meeting them over at the reception hall and when we got there we were able to bring these photos with us. Most everyone thought that these were done in California where they had gotten married but Joseph's mom set them straight when she told them they were only done about 30 minutes ago. Nothing like working under pressure!! I like this one of Stephanie the best. To me it really shows a super sweet side to her that says more then just "I'm happy" but more like "I am a beautiful Bride!" Stephanie is even more beautiful in person and was smiling all night at the reception. I even asked Joseph's mom what she thought about Stephanie before they got there and she said, "We love her!"


The 22nd of July brought us Jessica and Adam's Wedding. They were married at 12:00 noon at the 2nd Baptist Church in Springfield. I remember this church from a long time ago when I was just a kid. I always wondered what it was like inside but never got to go inside until last Saturday. Let me tell you that this Church is beautiful. It has a beautiful Chapel as well as a wonderful place to have a reception. They have this great balcony that goes around most of the reception area and two great staircases that come down. This led us to get the following picture of Jessica.

They flew off to Paris the next day and won't be back for a week. A great Honeymoon for a great Couple!


Monday the 24th we had Emily come by the studio with her mom. She brought what I assume is her favorite doll in the world. Most of the pictures we got of her had her doll in them. She had this great expression that she wore throughout the entire time we were taking her picture. She just kept smiling and looking at her mom asking her with her eyes if she was to keep smiling. She did wonderful and the picture says it all.

Sarah the Intern

That afternoon Drury calls me again. They needed to get some advertising printed and sent off to some high schools in St. Louis and in Kansas City. The only problem was they needed some photos to finish the piece off before it could be sent. I said I could come in today and get them to you tomorrow if you need them. So that afternoon I headed over to campus with my gear. We set up in one of the classrooms and were introduced to the intern Anna. She was super sweet and had one of those fun boisterous personalities. You just couldn't help yourself from smiling if you tried when she was around. We ended up with about 30 pictures for them to chose from and here is a sample of one.

So this has been my last week or two. Hectic and full of fun stuff to keep me busy. Tomorrow is another day with some more opportunities to do what I love. Taking pictures is what I love to do but for now it is off to bed to get rested up for tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!

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