19 Days to Christmas

5 December 2010

I've been putting a lot of thought into my Christmas gifts this year.  I usually like to buy all the fun stuff for the kids and the things my wife would like to get.  But this year I've become sentimental and have been thinking about what my parents got me for Christmas.  They did their best and Christmas was always a fun time full of lots of family, food, fun and of course toys!  We've been so blessed this year with health and in so many other ways that I'm going to try something with the kids.  This year I'm going to make their presents.  They will be unique to each of them but hopefully they will cherish them for many many years.  I know the dolls and stuffed bears my mom made are still loved to this day, and I wish I had more of them!  So step out of your comfort zone this year, don't go for easy, go for sentimental.  Go for lasting memories and something your kids can use for years and years!

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