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16 March 2007

The Journal Broadcast Group

Have you seen these group of guys and gals before? No you say? That is because you probably hear them on the radio instead. These are the ones behind the speakers as you drive you car through the mall parking lot. They represent some of the sales, news, advertising and on air personalities from KTTS , KSGF, Z 106.7 and 96.5 Jams. I've been the official photographer for Ktts now going on 3 years. and its been a fun journey and will continue to be for a while. A lot of them just want a nice head shot when some of the others get really creative... Adam, (in the middle) dressed as a bride last time we met up and his co-host Dawn, was the groom. We had a few lookers outside when we were doing the photos, although I'm not to sure they could tell a difference as they drove by. If you haven't heard any of these guys just tune in sometime to either 1260 AM, or on the FM channels, 94.7, 96.5, 106.7 or 104.1.

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