Cross Country Travel

4 June 2007

So is any trip across country a real trip without car trouble?  Probably not.  Before we left Missiour the laptop screen went dead.  It remains dark and now you have to have it out in the sun to see it.  So when that happened we thought  what comes next?  The next thing was when we took the car to get it serviced we found out that the Upstream O2 sensors were bad.  After new brakes and the sensors and over $500 later, we thought we were ready to go.  After 12 hours of driving Saturday night it sounded like we had a flat tire.  We pulled over and the noise was coming from the engine.  So here we are in Castle Rock Colorado waiting for the service station to let us know what is going on.  As soon as we know and as soon as I can get a screen to see better I will post some pictures.

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