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20 March 2007

A tough restoration project.

With the fast paced world that we live in I know it is hard to get to those things that need our attention.  Things get left laying around, others don't get put away.  Everything all over.  Well there are some things that with a little care can last a long time, if not our entire life.  These are photos.  This sample that I've included was what I was handed about 3 years ago and asked if I could do anything with it.  The gentleman had carried it in his wallet for years as it was the only photo of him as a boy with his mother.  He cherished this photo, so much that it was literally falling apart in his hands.  Our studio offers a lot of services, things like memory slideshows, home movies to dvd and even photo restoration. This particular example was a "Heavy Restoration".  After a few days the photo was restored to the condition you see on the right.  Giving the old photo new life.  If the photo had been better cared for by storing properly and in acid free containers it would have lasted longer then this well worn version.  But if all else fails then restoration might be your only option.  Drop me an email at brent@jonesphotography.com or bring by your photo to see what I can do for you.

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