I wish it was warm enough!

5 April 2007

My little boy playing.

So today while I was in the studio I was backing up some photos that needed to have been backed up a long time ago.  Usually it is our own family photos that suffer from not being backed up.  Out of the past 7 years there have only been one set of photos that I "lost" due to a hard drive malfunction.  Soon after I realized I had a CD of the pictures so they weren't lost.  Now I keep everything on CD as well as an external hard drive just in case something were to happen.  This is one of those pictures that I will be sending off to get printed so my wife can scrapbook with it.  It was a hot summer in July and Porter couldn't keep from getting into the fountain.  I was lucky he let me take one picture let alone a series of them.  This one is my favorite from the bunch and captures that, "I'm just a kid." look while knowing that all the adults were wishing they could do the same thing.

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