Kentucky Portraits

31 March 2007

A photo for honor.

We are on a trip to see my sister that lives in Kentucky.  We are also here to help another studio shoot a big soccer tournament over the weekend.  So not only are we out of the Studio until next Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have a mini vacation and work away from home for a bit.  When we got to my sister's house they said that Danny had won an award and was needing a photo to put in their publication.  I heard that out of 5,300 employees he was #43.  Not too shabby for a Nation Wide company.  So here is the portrait that we were able to come up with.  They have this great colorful wall that my sister painted one day when he was out of town.  The color is bold and made for a great background for his portrait.  When I get some photos from the soccer tournament or from our trip to Nashville I'll be sure to post them.

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