Our Little Pup

7 November 2010

It's so sad to say but we have found out that our family is definitely NOT a pet family.  We tried a few years ago to keep a dog for awhile.  That ended with the puppy going back to his home.  We've tried to keep a couple of bunnies with no success.  This time we thought we had it.  A sweet little puppy that everyone loved.  He is so happy and playful and energetic.  Sad thing is we live right next to a busy road and the first week he was almost hit about 4 different times.  We've decided that in order for him to be safe and healthy, he needs to be with another family that can really care for and play with him the way a puppy needs.  It will be a sad day to let him go but we are looking for a family to adopt him.  If you know of one, or would be that one, please let me know!

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