Our Nation's Flag & May Specials

3 May 2007

Our Flag

The flag pole in our parking lot had this flag flying a few months ago.  It is such a beautiful site to see a flag against a blue sky waving in the wind.  It reminds me of everything this country is founded on and about what sacrifice so many gave for what we have today.  This month we honor certain individuals who sacrificed to give each of us life.  Our Mothers.  My mother has been gone for almost 12 years now but I continue to think of her and what she taught me.  I'm grateful for her kindness and for showing me how to treat others.

In honor of Mother's Day we would like to have a Mother's Day special.  The great thing is that it will last the entire month of May!  We've worked up some great packages and wanted to share them with you.

Mother's Package

1 Framed 11x14



24 Wallets

11oz Mug or Mousepad

$150.00.        (A $200.00 Value)

StepMother's Package

1-Framed 8x10



1-keychain or fridge magnet.

$99.00        (A $175.00 Value)

Also with the purchase of one of these packages a 30 minute indoor setting fee will be INCLUDED.  That saves you another $30.00.   So take advantage of this offer this month and don't miss out!   Just give us a call at 417-894-0230 or send an email to brent@jonesphotography.com .

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