Today's Senior

14 March 2007

Brent with his cowboy hat.

Today was a beautiful day and I was even able to get outside for a bit and enjoy the weather.  Thanks to Brent who came by to get his senior pictures done.  We ran over to a local field to get some photos of him and his truck then headed over to Ritter Springs to get some more outdoor shots.  Then we booked it back to the studio to finish up with some inside portraits.  He'll have quite a few photos to pick from when he gets his proofs on Thursday.

Also....if you would like to find out about our Senior Delegate Program then just fill out this simple form HERE.  If you would like to read a bit more then read about it HERE.  Time is running out so apply now or stop by the studio.

Also, for Thursday March 15th I will be out of the office and shooting some of KTTS' new on air radio staff.  So please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Or if you would prefer to drop me an email just send it to .

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