Trick or Treat

2 November 2010

Well, we are underway into November and it won't be long until the snow is on the ground and the Christmas carols will be in the air.  But before all of that hits our doorstep I had to at least share what our kids were for Halloween.  We had a Ghost, a Buzz Light Year, a Cowboy (with 100% authentic cowboy hat from a real retired cowboy), and a rocker chic.  They all had tons of fun this year and always enjoy dressing up.  They went to no less then 4 parties and came home with over 1,000 pounds of candy.  Well, it seemed like it.  🙂  I did get some great comments from my kids after the fun was over.  My ghost said, "I'm never going as a ghost for Halloween again."  Apparently, trying to keep your costume on where you can see through it turned out to be very important!

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