Weekend Beauty

22 April 2012

My family and I traveled to Kansas City to tour an edifice talked about in scriptures of old.  A Temple.  A place that worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can attend to gain further instruction and make special covenants with their spouse, family and their Heavenly Father for Eternity.  Once on the tour they take you through several rooms inside the Temple showing you and explaining what each is for.  Ending the tour in one of the most amazing rooms of all called the Celestial room.   The room is beautiful although a bit small.  A glimmering chandelier hanging over head and couches and chairs inside the tour guide asked us to take a moment to have a second of silence to ponder, pray or just think about life itself.  What a wonderful feeling it brought to me and this weekend has been one of realizing how short our time is here on earth and how much we need to enjoy it with those we love.

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