5 Tips to get Ready for Your Portrait Session

28 March 2018

The day has arrived and it is time to have your Family / Senior / Engagement photos take.  Here is a quick and dirty list of 5 things you can do to help things go smoothly during your photo session

  1. This one is for the ladies.  Have your hair and makeup ready to go.  Usually as a photographer we are planning things around a set schedule.  We may have other photo sessions before or after yours, or just family time planned.  Just like your time during the day, come camera ready.
  2. Prepare for the unexpected.  Stained clothes, wrinkles, rips and tears happen.  We are moving in and out of cars, around tables, trees and sometimes ponds and rivers.  Be ready for what can happen, we can guarantee we are ready on our end.
  3. More is always better.  Not sure if the brown or the blue outfit is better?  Bring both.  It's so much easier to create images with items that we have available to us then ones we don't.
  4. Things happen.  We always want to keep our appointments and times, but sometimes sickness, weather or car crashes happen.  It's happened to us, and it has happened to clients.  Don't fret, there is no charge to reschedule due to one of these circumstances.
  5. Enjoy the moment.  Even if a parent is making you take photos.  We will do everything in our power to make things fun and enjoyable.  It's only going to last 60 minutes or less, then you can be on to your other things.

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