A Day of Family

26 July 2006

Drury Photos

This is the Photo from the shoot that I did for Drury last week. We headed downtown in front of the Springfield Little Theater. They wanted some photos done at night in front of the theater after it was closed but with the lights on. This is one of the few that we ended up with that night. It was quite the clever Idea. Drury always has great Ideas for their advertising needs. It seems that they always make each individual piece exactly that, individual. They even used one of our photos in a national campaign that went into the magazine "NewsWeek".

Brody and Donni

Today was a busy day for us. We had family come into the studio to get some photos done. Linell's sister from Colorado doesn't get to spend too much time with us here in Missouri. This year we were happy to have her close by for over a month. A couple of her kids are the same age as ours and they had the chance to get to know each other and become good friends. Today she brought in her two youngest, Brody and Donni. Both beautiful little kids with wonderful personalities. Donni is a few months away from turning the big "1" and Brody is close to the big "2". Brody was born with Down Syndrome and physically doesn't progress as fast as his little sister. He is a blast to be around and knows quite a few "signs" to let you know what he needs or wants. There is no mistaking it when Brody wants ice cream!

Sheryl, Lisa, Stacy and Victoria

This afternoon four of my beautiful nieces came to see me. Of the four two live close by, one in Neosho and one in California. A few years ago three of them came over to get some cousin pictures since our far away visitor was in town for a bit. The next year the same thing happened. So when she came by for a while this year it was mandatory that we get the three together. It just so happened that another of their cousins was staying in town so naturally we included her this year for the pictures. They are always fun to have around and make taking pictures a lot of fun. This one of the many that we captured today.

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