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26 June 2007

Awww, Porter.If you are like me and are on the internet almost everyday (it's for work, I promise) Then you might be like me and have a few blogs that you follow. You know individuals whose points of view are similar to your own except they have a way to put them into words that sounds good. Well I have a few blogs that I like to read and it just so happens that he happens to be a pretty decent guy. He of course is a photographer, retired, but he now spends his time inventing new products for working photographers. One of his inventions I use almost 100% of the time whenever I need to use my flash on my camera. And since he is running a nation wide campaign for his products he offered to list your website along with a photo you took with one of his products. The picture above is the photo I submitted and is the one he accepted to run. It runs with about 20 others in a full page spread in several photo magazines. I'm pretty excited!!!

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