A Status Update

1 November 2009

I'm here in the lovely city of Nashville Tennessee.  I drove up with a photographic collegue from the Joplin area to attend an International, Three day intensive Photographic Workshop.  We were able to attend last year as well and we both were so overwhelmed with information and the positive experience we had, we decided to come back!

These conferences are great for photographers.  We get to meet individuals who excel in all different fields of photography and learn together.  Often the conference extends past the allotted time frame as well.  It starts tomorrow at 9am but tonight I learned an inncredible lesson about studio lighting from a 25+ year photographic veteran!  If you have a photographer you love, and they aren't attending conferences like these to better their skills, then they are missing out, but more importantly YOU are missing out!

So take note, I'll update here as much as possible as well as on my Facebook page,  Become a Fan Here. If you have a twitter account be sure to follow me @jonesphotog.

FYI, all Senior 2010 Images have been submitted to The Yearbook Staff!


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