A Visit With Santa

23 November 2007

santa web.jpgEven though I love taking pictures and it isn't only my profession but my hobby.  Sometimes it is nice to take a break and let others do the photo work.  Take for example this time of year.  Who is in more pictures then in any other time of year?  Santa of course.  So our yearly "tradition" if you will has been to visit the Santa in the Battlefield Mall.  It is a fun chance for the kids to visit with Kris Kringle and tell them what they want for Christmas.  As a photographer I always opt for the photo on a CD with a copyright release.  That way I can do what I wish with the photo.  Whether ordering Christmas cards or just printing pictures for members of the family.

We missed the chance last year to shoot photos with Santa.  But this year is different.  We will be announcing shortly when our Santa Photo Day will be.  We will offer a free photograph with Santa and a free 4"x6" print for everyone that comes in.  You can't beat that!!!

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