Are Wedding Bells In Your Future?

31 March 2010

Your wedding might be next month.  It might be next year.  It might be just a journal entry and a dream.  Whatever it is to you, and whenever it is, take some wonderful advice:  Let a true professional capture your wedding memories.  It will be one decision you will never regret! That I can promise you.  Even if you don't choose me as your photographer, hire someone that has an artistic ability, and know how of capturing an image that will give you memories for generations to come.

Here are a list of some Friends and Fellow Artists whose work I not only admire but who are wonderful people who will serve your wedding day with the love and respect that it deserves and still make you laugh and smile the entire day.

Jason & Aurelia ~   Dawn Shields ~   Jared & Joanna ~   Josh Carter

Gene Ho ~   Jonathan CanlasSteve & Shelley

I've been blessed to know each of these teams/individuals for quite some time.  Honestly, their work is beauty and art combined. Their work inspires me every day I look upon it.   They have not only  made me a better photographer by knowing them,  working with them, and by being their friend, they have made me a better person.

So whoever you choose to work with during  your wedding, portraits or to capture your child's birthday.  Whether it's Josh, Jason & Aurelia,  Steve & Shelley, Gene, Dawn, Jared & Joanna, Jonathan or I.  Just make sure they inspire you, and you'll always enjoy the art they create for you for years and years and years.

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