Ash Grove Homecoming

14 October 2006

The Homecoming Candidates

Today seemed like a busy day for me. I never got to do anything I wanted but I got to do a lot that needed to be done. Luckily I had fun in there with the two shoots I did have. Amy came in and had her Senior pictures done. When I post one of her I'll be sure to tell you about how many clothes she brought!!! Then as soon as we finished with her senior session, I headed to Ash Grove to catch the Homecoming Crowning. Kelsey was crowned the Homecoming Queen. Here you can see a picture of all the beautiful girls. I had several parents ask me if they could order some of these pictures. Well they are online and ready to be looked at. You can find them HERE. Follow that link and you can save 25% off within these next two weeks.

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