21 March 2006


I was able to do some photos of Dawson over the weekend. He was a fun little boy that is about to turn two. He definately liked our Little Tikes dump truck that we have here at the studio. Every child is fun to take pictures of and they all react differently to the environment they are placed in. I've found that a majority of them do well in our studio because we let them be themselves. We don't do any physical posing (besides when the parents want it) and we just let them play. You get great expressions that let their personalities come through this way.

Each child has a different time frame that they are "happy" for pictures. We've had them where 5 minutes was it. We've had them where they didn't want to leave. We've also had them where it took over an hour and a half to warm up to the camera. The best thing is to have some toys they like and just to be patient and let them be themselves.

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