Does a Camera Make You a Photographer?

20 March 2018

A lot of times I ask myself this same question. Does a camera actually make me a photographer?  It makes me think about what I do and why I do it.  Why do I choose to spend evenings and some Saturdays away from my family and spend it with strangers taking their photos?  Do I do it for the money?  Do I do it for notoriety?  Do I do it because I love it?  I think the simple truth is that it's a little bit of all the above.  On some of the assignments I'm able to take some of my older children with me as assistants.  It gives me time to bond and spend time with them.  The extra money isn't bad, but it's not enough to quit my day job.  I think less and less people on certain social media channels notice my work now more than ever.  I think at the core of the reason I do what I do, and focus on the High School seniors is that I really truly want individuals to have great memories of their youth.  I wish I had more photos of me during that time, and more photos of my family in general.  I also do what I do because I've practiced, learned from some of the greatest artists in the nation, and taught others how to do the same thing.  Am I the most amazing thing ever?  No.  But I'm not half bad either.  Check out my social media channels and give me a follow :  INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - GOOGLE +

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