Friday Night Fun

18 February 2006

So, yes I know, it isn't Friday night anymore. Technically it is Saturday morning at 3:10. I don't even know if you want to ask why I am up so late/early. It boils down to pictures. Pictures are to blame for me not getting a good nights sleep. Now don't get me wrong, that is a good reason to miss some sleep. If it isn't a good movie that keeps me up then it is pictures.

We've been working with a new lab this last week and are trying to get our service up and running with them. They've been super polite and easy to work with but it takes some time to transition everything over. I think we will have to play it safe for a while and continue to use our old lab as well. We are really just getting our feet wet and looking to see what kind of quality and customer service we get out of this lab. The turn-around times won't be so quick, but if the quality is what they say it is, then it will be worth it.

The wife and I took the kids to the Ash-Grove High School basketball game vs. Marionville tonight. I was scheduled to be there in order to get pictures of the crowning of the Homecoming Queen during halftime of the JV game. So it was a fun outing all in all. At these type of events our kids last about a good 15-30 minutes until they are wanting to do something else. Luckily that had a chile fundraiser going on and they got some chile and cookies to tide them over for a while. We still ended up leaving at halftime and didn't get to see the final score, or who one. 🙁 (If you are reading this and know the score, please post it in a comment.)

That's another thing I wanted to let you know. I am looking for any comments that you have. Wether good...(preferable) or bad (keep them to yourself) I would enjoy hearing from those of you that actually read this thing. It will give me an idea of how I can tailor it better to make it more enjoyable for you.

I'm going to include a collage I did of the HomeComing Queen/Candidates. Please note that all images found on this site are copy right protected and belong to Jones Photography. They are not to be copied, sold, shared, edited, deleted, moved, stored, printed or linked. This helps me protect my work that I've created. If you do see something you like, just give me a call or an email and we can hook you up to see all the pictures of an event, or prints if you are needing some for a photo album.

So here is the collage.

Ash Grove Homecoming Collage

Al the girls looked absolutely beautiful last night, and a big Congratulations to Courtney!!!iPod Update:

Since Valentines day I have seen my wife use the iPod several times. Either I'll come home and she'll be looking at pictures or like in the case today, her and my daughter were jamming to tunes on it. So I think it is definately leaning toward a "likeable" gift. Again, I'll keep you updated if it gets better or worse.

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