Getting to Know Kortni

17 February 2012

Today I would like to post some questions I asked the recently selected spokesmodel Kortni just so I and everyone else could get to know her a little better. I'm hoping that a short time into the future that she can come in here and post a few things on her own and share some of her own experiences with us. But for now, here are some of my questions:

Brent: “Describe yourself with 4 adjectives.”
Kortni: “Colorful,bright, glamorous, crazy. Bahhaahhaha”

Brent: “What is your most attractive feature?”
Kortni: “Eyes.”

Brent: “Why should you value professional photography?”
Kortni: “Memories are the best part of life and photography captures that. I value every photo captured, and professional photography makes you appreciate whatever is in the photo even more.”

Brent: “What type of photo sessions would you love to try?”
Kortni: “I love stepping outside the box. I want to do stuff that shows my personality. I'm fun and crazy and colorful 🙂 Cant wait till it gets warm outside to play outdoors!”

Brent: “What were your first impressions of Jones Photography and my images?”
Kortni: “I loved the images, so natural and pretty and clean and professional. Love the look, so Bam! My first impression of you, super awesome photographer! I can tell u adore it and so do I so we will mesh perfect!”

Brent: “Describe Jones Photography in 4 words or less.”
Kortni: “ Amazing, professional, beautiful and meaningful!”

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