June is Here.

1 June 2007

A concert performance.

I wanted to jump start this month by sharing a photo from a few weeks ago.  This is from the last concert the high school choir did and if you missed it......that's just too bad because it was excellent.  Mr. Lawly did a great job and really the kids were the best performers there.  It is amazing that for such a small town there is so much talent with the kids here in the high school.

Tomorrow we are off to Colorado for a few days and eventually making our way to Utah where we are attending one of our nephews wedding.  We are also the photographers for the event!  Since we are taking most of our equipment on this trip, be on the lookout for updates throughout next week while we are gone.  We will be back in the office during regular office hours on the 11th of June.
We will be posting our June specials tomorrow so stay tuned, if you have been putting off getting your photos done, I hope our specials this month will give you some good incentive to finally get them taken.  Until tomorrow.

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