Middle of the Week

13 October 2010

Do you ever feel frustrated when someone asks you for your help and you can't offer it?  I know I do.  I had that happen today.  The KSPR33 news crew stopped by my home today.  I was hoping they were asking for an exclusive interview on why I have such amazing clients. 😉  But they really wanted to talk to a Missouri Dog Breeder.  (There's a sign in the yard.)  Alas, I could not help them and knew  of no one (who was home) who could talk to them about it.  So they left disapointed and sad and instead just filmed the lonely sign in the yard with traffic passing.

It got me to thinking, how many times do people come to you for help?  Or with a question?  Or a concern?  And do you try to offer your sincere help to them?  I know I try as best I can.  It's the same with clients.  They trust in me as a photographer to capture their loved one, or family in a way that they can remember for years.  Something that they can look at and smile.  I'm just a storyteller without words.

With that thought, here's another baby that I wanted to share and haven't done so yet.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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