6 November 2008

It's rare I get to visit a distant city twice in a year, but that's just what I finished doing in Nashville.  About 4 weeks ago I was there to help celebrate my sister's 50th birthday!  What a lot of fun that was!  But this time I was there for 4 days to take part in and learn from some of the best photographers in the US and Canada.  You have to stay on your toes in this business and that is all these guys did.  A typical day ended up like this.  7am, class starts.  12 pm break for lunch.  1pm class starts.  5 pm break for dinner.  7pm class starts.  9 pm end.  Then the networking and impromtu classes broke out.  What a hoot and make sure to take a look at those who were there!  Do you see me?

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