Our Three

16 December 2006

Our Three

These are the three that all the holiday commotion is going to this year.  With the oldest getting ready to lose her first tooth and the youngest about to get his first, they bring happiness and joy I would have never known any other way.  My wife even set up an advent tree for them this year.  They alternate days on who gets to open a present.  The other day we were sorting through the gifts and my wife noticed there were about 6 gifts missing.  We figured it might have been our middle child and she politely confronted him the next morning.  She said, "Porter, I want to ask you a question and you need to tell mommy the truth ok?"  Porter responded, "I didn't open the presents mom, I didn't open the presents!"  He showed her where he had been safekeeping them, in a bag underneath the big Christmas tree.

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