Senior Announcements

14 April 2007

Senior Announcements

Looking back a few posts you probably saw some of Melissa's pictures from her senior portrait session with us. Well we found out that the Pro-Lab we use to get our photos developed also started offering printed itesm such as Calendars, Decks of Cards, Folded Greeting Cards, Business Cards, PostCards and now even Hard & Soft Covered Books. The folded cards have three options of paper types, Pearl, 100# stock and Linen. After seeing a sample of the Linen paper we thought they would make incredible senior announcements. The past few years we've noticed a growing trend in how senior's want that custom announcement. No more with the typical ones you buy at the high school, but one with what you want on it. We sent out Melissa's images to ModType Graphic Design and they sent us back a 100% customized Senior Announcement. The announcements come in sets of 24. The first 24 or 4x5.5 run $75.00 ($85 for the first 24 of 5x7 size). That's a $25.00 design fee with a $50.00 charge for the announcements themselves. The next 24 run$45.00. The third set runs $35.00. Any set of 24 after that runs $30.00. With four sets that puts it at $1.92 per announcement with the satisfaction of knowing no one will have anything like it. All sets come with envelopes for mailing. These are also great for Birthday cards, Birth announcements or invitations. Just let us know.

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