The Week in Early Review

24 February 2006

I know it isn't Friday yet, but the week deserves its own review. It seems like time doesn't stand still long enough for you to do anything about it, even if you had plans for that alloted amount of time.

We are missing a few links on our page as a few of you have let us know about :) (Thanks Holly) So we are working on getting them up and running. The portfolio link will be active sometime next week ::crosses fingers:: and the contact link should be up as you are reading this.

I have some photos here of The Harralson Family.

The Harralson Family

The Harralson's are a local family that had me shoot their family pictures. I think that you can see by the photos that they like the Chiefs.

Our spring cleaning has started a little early. We are going to add some shelves into the studio so we can clear out some space so we can set up another backdrop. You should stop by in a few weeks and see if I've got it finished.

We heard about the Willard / Republic game. I don't think I'll say anything about it, other then we love our Tigers.

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