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1 September 2009

What a busy week ahead of me but I wanted to keep you updated and try something new out.  Typically I get to update the blog every few days.  Really not as often as I should.  I get to working on what is current and forget to post the majority of my work for you to see.  But in an effort to keep something new on here I'm going to highlight a client once a week and share an image with you from their session Mon-Fri.

Then on the weekends if time and opportunity permits, I'll post something special I've done during that time.

So my Senior Spotlight this Week goes to Breanne.  You've seen the previous photo of her but here is another from her session.  Her good friend Anne was there helping us out and you can believe that it was hard for Breanne to make a straight face with Anne around!  Despite the effort Anne put in, we were still able to capture some of those serious senior images.


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