21 March 2006

Wall Cloud

If you are from around here then you know the storms we had the week before last. The radio said that there were 130 tornados that touched down Sunday night on the 13th of March. It destroyed over a hundred homes not 20 miles away from us. The Saturday before we were having a birthday party for our oldest and it got cut short after looking at this out of our back porch.

We heard it on the radio..they said for our area you should take shelter and trained spotters have seen a wall cloud. I guess that is a precursor to tornados. My wife and kids took shelter in our neighbors basement and I headed to shoot the Lady Panthers game. When I got to the gym, they had just finished bringing everyone back up from the basement. They evacuated the whole place due to the tornado warning. It is definately not something to be dealt with lightly, and that Sunday night we spent a lot of time with our neighbors.

Our prayers and thoughts are with those who suffered physical and personal losses from this last storm.

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