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5 March 2006

Some Photos of the Truck

We started Saturday morning like any normal morning. Except we skipped the morning part. I was hoping to sleep in a bit and kind of lounge around but I had to meet up with my brother at 9am and get things together at the studio to take with me.

Our destination was Nixa. Our assignment was to get some pictures of his friend's truck in a "work environment". We went scouting yesterday for spots that would look good with his new F-150.

We drove around the outskirts of Nixa for quite a while on Friday and finally found a place that we thought would work. We talked to the owner and he gave us permission to shoot in front of his barn. There were a couple of other places we thought looked like we could use and would just stop in and shoot. One was a dozed field with some big logs cut up. Their was some private property to the west of us but it was 150 yards away. I thought it looked like it was city owned and being prepped for some construction.

We headed out to the barn first, got our round of pictures done there and then drove a bit to the lot. We got the truck into position and had the camera set up when, come to find out, the owner drives up to let us know we were on private property. Whoops. We graciously apologized telling him we didn't know and were packing up to leave. He told us he had just had too many things stolen from there and was weary of anyone pulling up in a truck, even in broad daylight. I talked to him for a bit and explained what we were doing. After that he said we could shoot the pictures. I'm glad he did cause they look really good.

I'll have to remember to take a sample out to him when we get them printed off.

We are also getting our new Wedding packages up and ready this year. We are going to offer a couple of lines of fine art wedding albums that are extremely nice. Once we get the prices figured out we will post them on a link along side our portfolio and contact links.

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