18 January 2008

trial2web.jpgIf you are planning a wedding then I can assume you've researched online and through the phone books to find that perfect photographer for you wedding day.  There seem to be so many photographers out there these days and you want one that will not only get along well with you and your future spouse, but also capture your day in a way that will leave you only the best memories.  All this and at a good price too.   With the increasing technology and the decrease in camera prices there seem to be more and more "photographers" out there that will take your wedding photos, or any photos for that matter and hardly charge you a thing to do it.   This has led us to offer what we believe to be a competitive wedding package.  Not only do you get an amazing deal, but you also get an experienced professional shooting your wedding.   These prices I'm not yet ready to release on the internet but just pick up your phone and give me a call at 417-894-0230 to find out for yourself what I can offer you for your wedding day.

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