What a Week

6 March 2009

Well, what a past few weeks actually.  It seems that when it rains it pours and that was definitely the case for our home over the past several weeks!  From busy to slow to busy again.  3 ear infections and a case of strep throat.  Some major wiring issues with out house that went from having 30% without power to 80% without and back to 30% out.  From having a totally disfunctional office to a nice clean, organized space.  Ahhh.  After all that a collegue of mine from southern Missouri came up tonight and spent a little time with the family.  Of course we had to shoot some photos while we were here and had Brandi come in to help us out.  She's such a sweet heart to come do that for us and brought Chris with her.  He's such a sport and studied the whole time for his midterm!

I just had to share one photo before I went to bed to start another busy day tomorrow.  So until then.


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