What do you see in a photo?

8 December 2009

My big thought for the day was what do you see in a photograph?  It had me pondering lately about how I view and think about the photos I take and then eventually present to the client (you).  I have the tendency to over think a lot of things.  To read into situations or gestures way too much.  Sometimes when viewing a photograph I do the same.

This photo is from a recent session and I wanted to tell you what I saw.  In the studio she was such a ham, smiling at everything, but listening just as well.  I had her look up into the studio lights and I captured this.  Just looking at it makes me think, this is a great photo to remember someone by.  I wish I had one like this of each of my children, or of my mother or grandparents when they were children.  Then I looked a little deeper.  I see innocence.  I see trust.  I see great expectations of the future.  I see hope.  I see someone that represents millions around the world that are untainted by the anger, hate and malice that come into so many lives.

Maybe it is this photo that speaks deeply to me, or maybe it is just the idea of children that make me ponder so much.  So next time you look at a photo, ask yourself, what do you see?


Remember that all through the month of December any new person that becomes a fan of my work HERE.  I'll donate a can of food to our local food bank

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