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31 December 2010

Yesterday was an amazing day.  A wedding day.  Every time I am able to attend a wedding it helps me to reflect on the promises I made to my wife on our wedding day.

This young couple yesterday, who happened to include a niece of mine as the bride,  chose to enter a new phase of her life as a wife.  Her new husband was excited as she was at this new stage in their life.

Afterward, we were able to take a few minutes to get some amazing images on their wedding day.  This one in particular is what is making me feel so fond.

The wedding rings are symbols to those who have committed to each other.  The wonderful symbolism entrenched in wedding rings is what I love about them.  A never ending circle with no beginning or end, made out of a precious metal.  Given as a gift to your spouse as your commitment to them.  It's just beautiful.

So as they begin their new journey together, tomorrow starts our new journey with a new year.  Time to re-commit to our spouse, our loved ones, our children and become the person we were born to be.  All these deep thoughts, brought about by some wedding rings.

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