Senior Pictures From Earlier in the Week

We had some senior pictures earlier this week.


Louis and his mother came in to the studio to get his senior photos done before the end of the school year.

He had brought in a picture of when he was a baby, and the pictures with him holding the picture are some of my favorite.

Take a look at them and decide which ones you like.

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A Day Late and A Dollar Short

So it’s a couple of days late and not a dollar short, but I wanted to post a few of the pictures and give everyone some more links to look at. The first collage I put together is of a little boy that came in the studio this week for his One year old Birthday. He was so good, and adorable that I have to share some pictures with you.

Landon King

His mom had brought a picture of her in when she was a baby. They had her hair in a cute little cupie doll look. So she wanted one that could match it. I think we came extremely close and I was well pleased with the results. It always makes my job easier when the kids are as adorable as he was.

We even got some hunting outfit pics for his dad!

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Blog Monday

Here it is Monday of a new week and it seems like we just started last week. Today we went out to Ash Grove to do the Basketball Team Pictures.

Pirates Basketball

There is a quick composite that you can look at. If you were one of the kids that didn’t bring your order form please follow this LINK

The kids were a lot of fun and I think their pictures turned out great. The composite photos is being worked on by my brother and should be done fairly quickly.

We also did some one year old pictures today and they turned out so cute. I will post them tomorrow so you can take a look at it. Did I mention they are cute?

Thats it for tonight. I’m going to get some sleep and try to get up early tomorrow.

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Early Saturday Morning

Never enough time. That’s what I’m always telling myself. There is never enough time in the day to get what you need to do done, and to do what you want to do. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it is 1:57am and it seems like it did at the time.

Ok, I have the Ash Grove Basket Ball Homecoming Pictures online. Here is the link: CLICK THIS

Please remember that all images found on this site are protected by U.S. and International Copyright Laws. Basically it means that you shouldn’t download them, copy them, claim they are yours, and especially not print them without specific written consent by me. Now I know I can’t stop anyone from doing it. It is like someone who is going to break into your car or your house. If they want in, they will get in. So if you would like to have a copy of the photos here is what I’ll do. For a 600×800 size copy of any of the school picture series that I take. For $7.99 (add tax and shipping…or if you pick them up no shipping) I will provide you with a CD of all the images with a limited copyright ownership that you may display them on your computer ( i.e. Wallpaper or Screen Saver) and have the permission to email them to friends and family. I think that is a more then fair price for that. If you want a hard copy of some or all of them just follow the contact link on the right hand side of the page.

If you missed it, the link to the Ash Grove Basket Ball Homecoming is HERE!

In other news. I am out on the town tomorrow for a current project with my graphic designing brother. Have you visited his site yet? He is working with the company Armorthane in developing some new brochures for them. Well they need some photos as well and that is where I come in. So we are heading out tomorrow to look for trucks and anything that can be coated with this stuff, which I found out is a lot! So if you have any ideas on where to go, just give me a call.

Tigerettes Composite

We delivered the Tigerettes pictures today to the High School. I’ve included a couple samples of the designs that were being used for the pictures. On our order form it is difficult to see even what an example looks like, so I thought I would put them up here so everyone could see that they really do look nice.

We are shooting the Ash Grove High School Basket Ball Team pictures on Monday and they can be rest assured that a new design will be done for them as well. If you have seen the composite design for the Football pictures then you know how great it looked. This is all due to my brother taking the time to create the layouts and design work.

Here is the example of the individual picture.

An individual photo.

I hope Suni doesn’t mind getting her face plastered on my web site for a little while. If she does I know she will tell me about it. 🙂

One more thing I forgot to mention. I came home the other day to find my wife washing dishes. Nothing unusual about that, but she did have some white headphones going from her ears down into her pocket. I think she likes her iPod more and more. We put some of her favorite music on there but I think she likes the photos of the kids.

Speaking of kids, we have a housefull tonight. Besides our two we have two other neices that are staying the night. They’ve been a lot of fun and they play really well together. We took them out to Pizza Hut earlier for dinner and then went and got a movie at Movie Mania. After we got home I had to run back to work for a bit to get the Homecoming photos ready, and when I got back they had just finished making some sugar cookies. We got some photos of them playing together and brushing their teeth, I think my wife is going to make a scrapbook page of it. Then I cut our little boys hair tonight and he cut mine. (yes, I know I don’t have a lot, but I have enough to cut) He did really good for me and he sat still enough where I didn’t have to shave it all off.

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The Week in Early Review

I know it isn’t Friday yet, but the week deserves its own review. It seems like time doesn’t stand still long enough for you to do anything about it, even if you had plans for that alloted amount of time.

We are missing a few links on our page as a few of you have let us know about :) (Thanks Holly) So we are working on getting them up and running. The portfolio link will be active sometime next week ::crosses fingers:: and the contact link should be up as you are reading this.

I have some photos here of The Harralson Family.

The Harralson Family

The Harralson’s are a local family that had me shoot their family pictures. I think that you can see by the photos that they like the Chiefs.

Our spring cleaning has started a little early. We are going to add some shelves into the studio so we can clear out some space so we can set up another backdrop. You should stop by in a few weeks and see if I’ve got it finished.

We heard about the Willard / Republic game. I don’t think I’ll say anything about it, other then we love our Tigers.

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Friday Night Fun

So, yes I know, it isn’t Friday night anymore. Technically it is Saturday morning at 3:10. I don’t even know if you want to ask why I am up so late/early. It boils down to pictures. Pictures are to blame for me not getting a good nights sleep. Now don’t get me wrong, that is a good reason to miss some sleep. If it isn’t a good movie that keeps me up then it is pictures.

We’ve been working with a new lab this last week and are trying to get our service up and running with them. They’ve been super polite and easy to work with but it takes some time to transition everything over. I think we will have to play it safe for a while and continue to use our old lab as well. We are really just getting our feet wet and looking to see what kind of quality and customer service we get out of this lab. The turn-around times won’t be so quick, but if the quality is what they say it is, then it will be worth it.

The wife and I took the kids to the Ash-Grove High School basketball game vs. Marionville tonight. I was scheduled to be there in order to get pictures of the crowning of the Homecoming Queen during halftime of the JV game. So it was a fun outing all in all. At these type of events our kids last about a good 15-30 minutes until they are wanting to do something else. Luckily that had a chile fundraiser going on and they got some chile and cookies to tide them over for a while. We still ended up leaving at halftime and didn’t get to see the final score, or who one. 🙁 (If you are reading this and know the score, please post it in a comment.)

That’s another thing I wanted to let you know. I am looking for any comments that you have. Wether good…(preferable) or bad (keep them to yourself) I would enjoy hearing from those of you that actually read this thing. It will give me an idea of how I can tailor it better to make it more enjoyable for you.

I’m going to include a collage I did of the HomeComing Queen/Candidates. Please note that all images found on this site are copy right protected and belong to Jones Photography. They are not to be copied, sold, shared, edited, deleted, moved, stored, printed or linked. This helps me protect my work that I’ve created. If you do see something you like, just give me a call or an email and we can hook you up to see all the pictures of an event, or prints if you are needing some for a photo album.

So here is the collage.

Ash Grove Homecoming Collage

Al the girls looked absolutely beautiful last night, and a big Congratulations to Courtney!!!iPod Update:

Since Valentines day I have seen my wife use the iPod several times. Either I’ll come home and she’ll be looking at pictures or like in the case today, her and my daughter were jamming to tunes on it. So I think it is definately leaning toward a “likeable” gift. Again, I’ll keep you updated if it gets better or worse.

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Valentine’s Day

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you get everything that you had hoped for? Did you get her/him everything they had hoped for? I know we had a lot of fun tonight and the kids really enjoyed themselves as well. We had some clients come in last week wanting to make a slideshow DVD of some old pictures they had, so they could give it to their wife as a Valentine’s Day gift. After we made the slideshow we put together a DVD case as well.

The Stoll's Dvd Case

I will find out in a couple of days how they liked the DVD and see if they say anthing about the case. Since they had come into our studio last year and had their family and some senior pictures done, I was able to include them in the slideshow as well as on the cover.

Well Valentine’s is pretty much over in our house. We got the kids a couple of small gifts, a Strawberry Shortcake doll for our little girl, and some building blocks for our little boy. Then I had my wife open her present. Continue Reading

Willard Tigers Game vs. Ozark are Online :)

Nathan's Photos

Here it is Monday the 13th of February, the day before Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately we didn’t offer any Valentine’s specials this month but we are looking forward to Easter and maybe have the Easter bunny visit our studio. If you are looking for the link to the Willard Tigers Basketball game vs. Ozark Just CLICK HERE. You have to remember how great this game was, and if you didn’t make it just take a look at some of the pictures to see how intense it was. The kids did a great job and the fans are AMAZING. It was deafening loud through the whole game. When we left my ears were numb, no joking.We are uploading a few different types of collages to help everyone see what our photos look like. In the next few days we will have another link to our portfolio at the top of the page as well as a page with contact information and our pricing.

The Carey Family

We had the oppurtunity of having some young men come into the studio today to get some pictures done. These guys come from all over and are in this and surrounding areas for two years serving missions for their church. They don’t get to visit home for the full two years and only get to call twice a year, once on Mothers Day and on Christmas.¬† They sacrifice a lot to do what they do so if you see them walking on the street stop and talk to them.¬† These guys were a lot of fun and we hope their families appreciate the pictures they got.


We joined the Willard Chamber of Commerce this year and are looking forward to our first luncheon tomorrow afternoon. I’ve heard that the food is always good so I’ll check it out and let you know. With the rate that Willard is growing we thought it a wise decision to join. It helps us show that we care about our community and gives us a chance to be more involved in the town where we live. If you want to find out more about the Willard Chamber of Commerce all you have to do is CLICK HERE.

Maria's Senior Pictures

I don’t know if I have anything else to report today or not. It seems that shortly after something happens, if I don’t write it down then I tend to forget it. I think we are going to have to miss the Willard game tomorrow vs. Marshfield but know they will come out victorious, ::crosses fingers::. I’m not going to reveal the plans for Valentines day yet for fear that my wife will read this, but her gift is awesome. She is dying to know what it is and I’m going to make her wait as long as I can before I give it to her. I will tell you the hints that she has … It is custom engraved … it was shipped from out of state … it came in a small box … Do you know what it is? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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Late Night Sunday

Well here I am again, sitting in front of the laptop, the little ones are asleep at my feet. All is quiet around here except for me typing away on my keyboard. Last night I was up until almost 5am, and then up at 8:30am to get up and get ready for church by 9.

Nothum Wedding

I was able to take a nap today for a little bit when we visited the inlaws. I covered up on the couch, grabbed a blanket and caught up on some zzzzz’s.

After coming home today we were able to spend some time together with just our own family and ended up playing with a Leap Pad Learning System. These things are pretty neat and the kids pick up on them really quick. We had a lot of fun finding the states on the map. They are getting good and can find states that I’m quite honestly surprised that they knew where they were.

You might have noticed another collage I’ve linked to up above. We have some new software and are trying it out to see how well it works. So far we like it pretty well and are pleased with the results.

Just so you know, we are going to continue adding a few things here and there as we try to get this layout nailed down. It has been an experience this time around, as I took a more pro-active role in this site change then some of the previous ones.

My little Brother Brad, (His Site), is a pretty amazing graphic artist. It wasn’t too much of a shock when he married another talented graphic artist a little over a year ago. He kind of let me have my go at this version of my site, so I installed all the Blog Software (Word Press) myself, set up the database and got it up and running. After I did that he stepped in to help with the graphical look, feel and layout of the site. It truly is amazing what he can do.

Well enough of this, I guess I should welcome you to my new Site as it is now linked from the front page. So take a look around as we add new photos and try to catch up around here and show you what we can do.

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Our Friday Night

Well my wife and I were able to go out for a little bit tonight. We went to get into the Willard / Ozark basketball game tonight and found that the line to get in stretched from the entrance, across the front of the school, down the side, and wound back in the parking lot. While we walked around my sister-in-law noticed us and asked if she could take the kids with her to her house so we could watch the game. We gratefully accepted her offer, I mean how could we refuse. 🙂 We loaded the kids into the car, buckled them up and started walking toward the end of the line.

Willard Tigers

When we got there we thought, holy cow, I have never seen so many fans to show up at a game like this. Then we thought….we are never going to have a seat to sit in. So we went to Springfield.

Its funny how one thing leads to another. We went to see what movies were playing at the Palace (now the $2.50 per show movie theater) and we had missed the earlier time by 30-50 miniutes, and the next show time wasn’t for another hour. So then we went to a place that I had been meaning to go to for a while. We got there and walked in and warmly greeted by the service guy. They had a lot of fitness equipment in there for sale and we were looking for an elliptical machine a little more durable then the one we have. Well then we met Cliff (?) What a nice and funny guy. We left Exercise and Re-Hab laughing, happy and with a new friend. We then went to dinner in search of “American Nachos”.

We settled for a good Mexican restaruant. When we were done, we thought, lets go look at the game and see who one. We got there at about 8:00pm and the Varsity game was just going to get started. There were no seats there and we ended up standing the entire game. But what a game it was.

If all the games were like that, I would stand at all of them. The kids amazed me at what school spirit they had and they were on their feet the entire game. I got some pretty sweet shots of it and I’ll post them tomorrow since my card reader is at the studio.

The Willard Tigerettes

Oh, yesterday I had a great chance to meet our High School dance team, the Tigerettes. We did their team picture for the year book and some individual ones for the girls. Check out the collage I made for them.

We are also working on our website this weekend so if you see it ofline don’t worry, we’ll be back shortly. I’ll get some pics of the game real soon. And they WON!@!@!@! 84-74, we are now 24-0 GO TIGERS.

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