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What makes up a portrait.  Well for one, there needs to be someone in the photo.  You.  You make a portrait so special.  Without you, it would just be a photo of a background, a place outdoors, or the grass or rocks around.  You give a portrait life, you make it important.  You make a […]

Don’t let Fall Pass You By.

Fall is here.  Soon the beautiful leaves won’t be.  Don’t hesitate, get your photos done before the weather turns cold.  Get the beautiful fall colors while they are going on outdoors.  Get them done in time for Christmas!  So many reasons to get your photos done now!  Do I have to list them all?

How about these?

Getting Married soon?  Don’t wait to book your photographer!  Me!  🙂  Seriously, your wedding day is important, but you must remember that the cake you eat, the reception hall is only there for an evening, the tuxes have to be returned in the morning, and you only have the limo for a few hours.  What’s […]


I’m a little bit behind in congratulation my niece and her new husband.  They are such a cute couple and they had their wedding in such a unique place!  With the location we were at, I saw this spot and thought of how wonderful it would be to make one of their wedding photos look […]

Happy June 30th

Tomorrow starts my favorite month of the year. Why?  Because my Birthday is in July!  Just wishing you a happy end to your June and a great start to your July!

My Friend Brent

You know one of the last scene’s in Tombstone, where Doc is bed ridden with tuberculosis… and he’d written a little memoir towards Wyatt? My friend Wyatt. Doc Holliday: “Sure ya do, say goodbye to me, go grab that spirited actress and make her your own. Take that spirit from her and don’t look back. […]

Are Wedding Bells In Your Future?

Your wedding might be next month.  It might be next year.  It might be just a journal entry and a dream.  Whatever it is to you, and whenever it is, take some wonderful advice:  Let a true professional capture your wedding memories.  It will be one decision you will never regret! That I can promise […]

Las Vegas

Last week is so hard describe for me.  It was a week filled with travel, laughs, crying and a little bit of everything else.  One of the great things as  a professional photographer that I get to do is invest in myself and my craft.  Last week that meant WPPI in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Classes […]


I hope you’ve enjoyed the work you’ve seen over the past several years!  There are many reasons why I love photography and I hope there are many reasons you keep coming back here to see new and updated images.  One of the things that I’ve failed you in the past few years is actually keeping […]