What makes up a portrait.  Well for one, there needs to be someone in the photo.  You.  You make a portrait so special.  Without you, it would just be a photo of a background, a place outdoors, or the grass or rocks around.  You give a portrait life, you make it important.  You make a […]


Time is ticking down to graduation.  It’s almost 1 month away!  Can you believe it?  Well for all of you procrastinators out there, if you haven’t had your senior photos taken now is your chance.  I’m offering a Friends session for the next two weeks until April 29th. So call to book your session, bring […]


I hope you’ve enjoyed the work you’ve seen over the past several years!  There are many reasons why I love photography and I hope there are many reasons you keep coming back here to see new and updated images.  One of the things that I’ve failed you in the past few years is actually keeping […]

End of the Year

Well it’s that time of year that only comes around one time a year. What I’m talking about is the end of the year.  The time when we tend to reflect upon what we did the entire year, where we could do better, things we could change, resolutions we can make.  Well the final days […]

Don’t you love it when …

I love to see our children play.  To know that they are happy.  I love the little moments when they just randomly come up to you and tell you they love you.  Or like this photo, we are visiting grandma’s house and they decide they want to race you in the car.  (They of course […]

Another Photo Of Leah

Stay tuned, I have special Black Friday deals coming on Monday.  But, if you are a fan of Jones Photography on Facebook, you can see them NOW! Become A Fan Here: Until then, here is another photo of Leah to share!

Willard Tigerettes

Just wanted to share an image of the Tigerettes.  Their coach had a great location this year and the girls loved it!  I think it turned out great!

Pre-Christmas Shoot

Just had to share one of Jerrica.  What a sweet heart!  She came into the studio for a pre-senior session and the resulting images are beautiful!  What a great time to capture some images of you to remember forever.  It got me to thinking that we need to have our family photo taken…so we went […]

Happy Birthday!!!

What a beautiful one year old!  Happy Birthday Arianna!  What a sweet heart!  She did such a good job and sitting there and letting her mom and dad get her attention.  She even gave her Uncle Roger a few choice looks!  But with all the outfits and all the bows, she was still smiling after […]

Another Newborn

Something is in the Water!  Just kidding, I only wanted to share a recent photo of a newborn that came into the studio last week.  What an adorable little baby, and he only peed once!  Seriously though, just look at this picture and try to tell me he isn’t cute.  Couldn’t do it could you?