5 Tips to get Ready for Your Portrait Session

The day has arrived and it is time to have your Family / Senior / Engagement photos take.  Here is a quick and dirty list of 5 things you can do to help things go smoothly during your photo session

  1. This one is for the ladies.  Have your hair and makeup ready to go.  Usually as a photographer we are planning things around a set schedule.  We may have other photo sessions before or after yours, or just family time planned.  Just like your time during the day, come camera ready.
  2. Prepare for the unexpected.  Stained clothes, wrinkles, rips and tears happen.  We are moving in and out of cars, around tables, trees and sometimes ponds and rivers.  Be ready for what can happen, we can guarantee we are ready on our end.
  3. More is always better.  Not sure if the brown or the blue outfit is better?  Bring both.  It’s so much easier to create images with items that we have available to us then ones we don’t.
  4. Things happen.  We always want to keep our appointments and times, but sometimes sickness, weather or car crashes happen.  It’s happened to us, and it has happened to clients.  Don’t fret, there is no charge to reschedule due to one of these circumstances.
  5. Enjoy the moment.  Even if a parent is making you take photos.  We will do everything in our power to make things fun and enjoyable.  It’s only going to last 60 minutes or less, then you can be on to your other things.

Spring into Summer

With spring now here, summer is bound to follow.  If you enjoy being creative and don’t mind trekking out to the creek or river then we might just be the photographer for you!  Send us a message to and we can schedule your senior session for you!

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Does a Camera Make You a Photographer?

A lot of times I ask myself this same question. Does a camera actually make me a photographer?  It makes me think about what I do and why I do it.  Why do I choose to spend evenings and some Saturdays away from my family and spend it with strangers taking their photos?  Do I do it for the money?  Do I do it for notoriety?  Do I do it because I love it?  I think the simple truth is that it’s a little bit of all the above.  On some of the assignments I’m able to take some of my older children with me as assistants.  It gives me time to bond and spend time with them.  The extra money isn’t bad, but it’s not enough to quit my day job.  I think less and less people on certain social media channels notice my work now more than ever.  I think at the core of the reason I do what I do, and focus on the High School seniors is that I really truly want individuals to have great memories of their youth.  I wish I had more photos of me during that time, and more photos of my family in general.  I also do what I do because I’ve practiced, learned from some of the greatest artists in the nation, and taught others how to do the same thing.  Am I the most amazing thing ever?  No.  But I’m not half bad either.  Check out my social media channels and give me a follow :  INSTAGRAMFACEBOOKTWITTERGOOGLE +

What’s Important

There aren’t many things more important than family, friends and those things that you hold dear to your heart.  Everyone’s list of important things vary and I believe it’s important that you recognize what truly is important in your life.  It’s one of the reasons why I do what I do and help others capture memories of their lives.  Let me share with you my list:

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hard Work
  • Spending Time with Loved Ones
  • Great Memories.

I hope your list is a great one and that you take the time to write it down so you’ll never forget what’s important to you.  Remember that it’s so important for us to capture great memories that we can have for a lifetime, so we can pass those down from generation to generation! If you’ve put off having family, children or senior photos off, don’t wait, take charge, capture those memories and lock them in forever. You’ll be glad you did.  If you decided to use Jones Photography as your photographer and you’ve read this post, share that with us when you book and you’ll save 25% off of your order.

Spring Is Almost Here!

Time to get out and enjoy the weather. It’s also a great time to have your Senior Photos taken, wether you are an early bird looking for 2019 senior photos or are graduating this year, there is still time!

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We Made the List!

We made the 2018 List of Best Wedding Photographers in Springfield.  You can see the Complete list HERE

Congratulations to everyone on the list, and here’s to a great 2018!!!

Valentine’s Day

We hope you enjoy your holiday no matter how you choose to spend it.  Remember, we love you.

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Time to Think of Your Senior Year

The time has come for many of you to start thinking about your last year of High School.  It’s a fun and exciting time and one that will bring memories so great that you will look back with either great happiness or sadness. It’s an influential time and one where you make a lot of decisions.  One of those decisions that you shouldn’t take lightly is where to have your Senior Portraits taken.  So the question I am hoping to answer for you today is that very one that many start to worry about towards the end of their junior year.

In the surrounding areas of South West Missouri there are many studios, individuals and friends that can take your senior photos for you.  Some will be well within your budget, others will be too costly for you to afford.  Then there are those who will do it for free.  How do you decide which ones to choose or to just let your aunt or your uncle take them for free?  It’s a difficult choice that almost everyone in this area has gone through, myself included.  Let me help with your choice by offering some things to think about when choosing a photographer.

  • Quality.  What kind of quality can I expect from my photographer?  Will they be able to use the latest techniques and equipment to accurately capture these memories?
  • Products.  Will my photographer offer the prints, slideshows, canvas and other options I will need or will want to hand out to other friends or family?  Will they use a professional lab to produce accurate and beautiful images?
  • Experience. Will the person I choose have the experience to know how to shoot in poor weather, or bright sunlight or shade or in the studio?
  • Expertise. Does the person I’m looking at specialize in High School Seniors or portrait photography?  Or do they photograph families, weddings, bridals, landscapes, parties, and everything else?
  • Price.  Will what is offered above fit into my price range with what I’m looking for?

Those are just some items to think about when choosing your photographer for your senior photos.  Don’t sell yourself short and choose someone who can’t offer you each and every one of those items that are listed above.  If you do, you’ll be disappointed in what you receive.

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January 2018 and the New Year

As will all good things, 2017 has come to an end.  But, now it’s a new beginning and time to start looking ahead to what 2018 has to offer.  There is so much potential in this year that it’s hard to comprehend at times.  But really, it’s all up to us!  Here are some of our goals for 2018:

• Build a new studio facility (will also be available for rent)

• Offer photography classes

• Photograph more wonderful people than last year

• Stay positive all year long

What are some of your New Year’s goals and dreams?