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Now is the perfect time to schedule Christmas portraits.  Put it off any later, and you might just miss the deadline for a Christmas delivery.  With the print volume from the photo lab increasing this time of year, production runs 1-2 weeks later.  So plan ahead for those portrait gifts!

Top 3 Reasons to have your Portrait Taken

Here are the top 3 reasons to have a current portrait made of yourself or loved one.

1.  To replace the outdated photos hanging on the wall.  We are all in the same boat on this one.  There are several photos on the wall, many of them our own children.  I look at a beautiful one I have, looking at my 3 children ( I now have 5).  So it’s a bit dated.  Time to take care of that.

2.  So you can send photos to your family.  I have members of my family I haven’t seen in years.  They know I exist through Facebook and random phone calls about miscellaneous life events.  But I know for a fact, they are not current on my I look like or my kiddos.  They remember small details like, they have a boy, and a girl, and some go to school.  Help them remember.  Send them a photo.

3.  The third reason to have your portrait taken is that it isn’t painful or time consuming.  Sure, you have to think about it and make sure schedules work.  But I’m flexible.  It’s what I do.  Weekends?  Sure.  Evenings?  No problem.  Holidays?  Not so much.  🙂  Trust me, get it done and you’ll be happy you did.  It doesn’t take long and the results will speak for themselves.


What makes up a portrait.  Well for one, there needs to be someone in the photo.  You.  You make a portrait so special.  Without you, it would just be a photo of a background, a place outdoors, or the grass or rocks around.  You give a portrait life, you make it important.  You make a portrait an heirloom.  Something your family will treasure for generations.  You give the portrait a meaning to exist.  Without you, there is no purpose of a portrait.

What do I specialize in.  Portraits of you.  417-894-0230

Wednesday is Drawing Day

Today I’m giving away a 5×5 Framed photo from one of your sessions.  But you have to do a little work to win.  Suggest all your friends to become our Fans on Facebook and I’ll enter your name into the hat.  Next Wednesday I’ll draw from those who entered and announce the winner!  You can earn a second entry by leaving a review of your experience with the studio on the Fanpage.   This allows everyone to enter, past clients, current clients and any complimentary sessions!!!  That’s it, go enter!!!   HERE IS THE FANPAGE

Less then 1 Week

And it will be Thanksgiving!!!  Time for family, food and fun!  After looking through some images of Candice I just had to share this one.  It was so adorable that she wanted photos with her little girl.  She wasn’t able to make it so we did these instead.  So Cute!!!

Passion – Love – Commitment

Not only are these three things feelings that I have for my relationship with my spouse.  They are three feelings I have toward the artwork I produce.  It’s been a wonderful journey to arrive to where I am today and I am truly grateful that I have passion, love and commitment to my craft or I would have given up out of frustration years ago.  But enduring through my creative pitfalls and learning techniques that I lacked when I first started, I believe I’ve truly become an artist today.  So when you schedule your appointment, you aren’t just getting someone who thinks they can make a quick buck because I have a fancy camera.  You are getting someone committed to what they are doing.  Someone who is committed to giving you the best experience and the best end result possible.  Don’t be fooled my imitators or newcomers with no experience.  It will save you  a dollar or two to start with, but down the road those feelings of regret and remorse will not bring your irreplaceable memories back for you.

Why do babies make you smile?

Babies are an amazing gift.  Their purity and innocence are so overwhelming at times.  Just holding and looking at our baby have sometimes just brought tears to my eyes.  The reliance that they have upon us as parents grants us such a special insight into what this life truly is about.  They make no excuses and always express how they truly feel.  When they cry and are sad, you instantly try to help.  When they are happy and smile….you become the same way.

So enjoy your first day of November with this photo of a sweet baby.  Don’t forget, Christmas is now on the horizon and family specials are coming this week.

Models Wanted

Take a look.  We are needing new models for the class of 2012 & 2013.  Interested in being a model?  Want to earn free stuff?  Apply today!  JUST CLICK HERE.

Don’t let Fall Pass You By.

Fall is here.  Soon the beautiful leaves won’t be.  Don’t hesitate, get your photos done before the weather turns cold.  Get the beautiful fall colors while they are going on outdoors.  Get them done in time for Christmas!  So many reasons to get your photos done now!  Do I have to list them all?

Middle of the Week

Do you ever feel frustrated when someone asks you for your help and you can’t offer it?  I know I do.  I had that happen today.  The KSPR33 news crew stopped by my home today.  I was hoping they were asking for an exclusive interview on why I have such amazing clients. 😉  But they really wanted to talk to a Missouri Dog Breeder.  (There’s a sign in the yard.)  Alas, I could not help them and knew  of no one (who was home) who could talk to them about it.  So they left disapointed and sad and instead just filmed the lonely sign in the yard with traffic passing.

It got me to thinking, how many times do people come to you for help?  Or with a question?  Or a concern?  And do you try to offer your sincere help to them?  I know I try as best I can.  It’s the same with clients.  They trust in me as a photographer to capture their loved one, or family in a way that they can remember for years.  Something that they can look at and smile.  I’m just a storyteller without words.

With that thought, here’s another baby that I wanted to share and haven’t done so yet.  Enjoy your Wednesday!