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Valentine’s Day

We hope you enjoy your holiday no matter how you choose to spend it.  Remember, we love you.

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January 2018 and the New Year

As will all good things, 2017 has come to an end.  But, now it’s a new beginning and time to start looking ahead to what 2018 has to offer.  There is so much potential in this year that it’s hard to comprehend at times.  But really, it’s all up to us!  Here are some of our goals for 2018:

• Build a new studio facility (will also be available for rent)

• Offer photography classes

• Photograph more wonderful people than last year

• Stay positive all year long

What are some of your New Year’s goals and dreams?



Now is the perfect time to schedule Christmas portraits.  Put it off any later, and you might just miss the deadline for a Christmas delivery.  With the print volume from the photo lab increasing this time of year, production runs 1-2 weeks later.  So plan ahead for those portrait gifts!


Take advantage of the time you have now to capture those moments that seem to come and go so quickly.

Booking summer appointments now.

Summer Time 2012

It’s that time of year again.  Kids are out of school, the weather is heating up and it’s time for some fun.  Don’t forget, it’s also a great time for family or children portraits! Especially seniors!!!

45 minutes Later

This is what comes with a 30-45 minute session. Creativity. Inspiration. Laughter. Bug Bites. Color. Smiles.

30-45 minute sessions are perfect for almost anyone. For anyone with not a lot of time but those who still want the best.

Results speak for themselves.

Top 3 Reasons to have your Portrait Taken

Here are the top 3 reasons to have a current portrait made of yourself or loved one.

1.  To replace the outdated photos hanging on the wall.  We are all in the same boat on this one.  There are several photos on the wall, many of them our own children.  I look at a beautiful one I have, looking at my 3 children ( I now have 5).  So it’s a bit dated.  Time to take care of that.

2.  So you can send photos to your family.  I have members of my family I haven’t seen in years.  They know I exist through Facebook and random phone calls about miscellaneous life events.  But I know for a fact, they are not current on my I look like or my kiddos.  They remember small details like, they have a boy, and a girl, and some go to school.  Help them remember.  Send them a photo.

3.  The third reason to have your portrait taken is that it isn’t painful or time consuming.  Sure, you have to think about it and make sure schedules work.  But I’m flexible.  It’s what I do.  Weekends?  Sure.  Evenings?  No problem.  Holidays?  Not so much.  🙂  Trust me, get it done and you’ll be happy you did.  It doesn’t take long and the results will speak for themselves.

We Want a Spokesmodel!!!

We are looking for our First ever Spokesmodel for Jones Photography and are taking applications from those who are interested until THIS Saturday night!    APPLY HERE

This is not a paid position, but let me tell you, it WILL be worth it!

Some of the things you get if picked as our Spokesmodel:

• Free Photos for a Year

• Free Prints from each session

• A Model Book

• A Model DVD

Those are just a few things, not to mention all the great and NEW photos you’ll have to show off during your time as our Spokesmodel.

All Ages & Types can apply from Kids, Seniors, Families, Individuals, application is open to all.  We have some wonderful things in store this year and are excited to begin our journey with YOU!!!


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Details for your Customer Loyalty

Is there anything better then someone enjoying your work?  How about someone who enjoys your work so much, that they keep coming back?  Though 2011 is over, there were many of you that came through the studio doors.  I want to say thank you.  Not only for your business, but also for your friendship.

For 2012 I am starting a customer loyalty program. I’m sure as time goes on that the program will evolve and grow.  But for now, I’m keeping it simple.  If you were a paying client of Jones Photography in the year 2004-2011, then I am giving you a free Express Session and a choice of 8×10.   ( A $75 value)

This is yours to use for you or to give away to a friend or family member.  The Express session is a 30-45 minute session, indoors or out (weather pending) and 1 8×10 of your choice from that session.   No commitment, to other purchase necessary.  Just my way of saying Thank You for being my client and my friend.  This has no ca$h value and expires on December 30th, 2012.

Again, here is to a New Year!  Let us make memories together for you and your family.

Get Ready to Vote

Our Model Search with Jarvis Family Eye Center has come to a close.  Thank you for everyone that applied.  We have all of the headshots ready to view coming up on Monday.  That will be your chance to chime in for who you think will best represent the new artwork going to be created for JFEC!!!

The top 3 individuals with the most votes will be declared the winners.  You can vote online once a day.  You can also check into either Jarvis Family Eye Center or Jones Photography through Places on Facebook for an extra vote.  If you come inside and cast a ballot for your favorite person, that counts as two!

So if you live close by, you can get up to 7 votes a day!

Be sure to come back Monday to vote!!!

Jones Photography

Jarvis Family Eye Center