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Spring into Summer

With spring now here, summer is bound to follow.  If you enjoy being creative and don’t mind trekking out to the creek or river then we might just be the photographer for you!  Send us a message to and we can schedule your senior session for you!

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We Made the List!

We made the 2018 List of Best Wedding Photographers in Springfield.  You can see the Complete list HERE

Congratulations to everyone on the list, and here’s to a great 2018!!!

Valentine’s Day

We hope you enjoy your holiday no matter how you choose to spend it.  Remember, we love you.

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January 2018 and the New Year

As will all good things, 2017 has come to an end.  But, now it’s a new beginning and time to start looking ahead to what 2018 has to offer.  There is so much potential in this year that it’s hard to comprehend at times.  But really, it’s all up to us!  Here are some of our goals for 2018:

• Build a new studio facility (will also be available for rent)

• Offer photography classes

• Photograph more wonderful people than last year

• Stay positive all year long

What are some of your New Year’s goals and dreams?



What makes up a portrait.  Well for one, there needs to be someone in the photo.  You.  You make a portrait so special.  Without you, it would just be a photo of a background, a place outdoors, or the grass or rocks around.  You give a portrait life, you make it important.  You make a portrait an heirloom.  Something your family will treasure for generations.  You give the portrait a meaning to exist.  Without you, there is no purpose of a portrait.

What do I specialize in.  Portraits of you.  417-894-0230

Amazing Clients

Having been photographing portraits, weddings, children and families for the past 11 years, so it stands to reason that ALL of my clients have at some point or another become my friends.   I just wanted to take a moment and recognize one client a month and feature someone new every month.  I’ll feature them on my blog, Facebook as well as share photos from the session and any crazy stories or experiences I’ve had with them.  It might be a monthly or a twice a month thing, but I’ll iron that out later on.

The Featured Client for this month has been a good friend for a very long time.  My families have known each other long before we did.  Now with families of our own and careers that keep us all busy, it is few and far between that we get to visit.  The last time her adorable family was here was Christmas time.  That’s always a special time to record the growth of anyone’s family.

So without going on any longer my Client of the month is Tessa.  As my first client of the month ever, I’ll be giving Tessa a complimentary indoor/outdoor session as well as a complimentary 8×10 of her choice of each child.  She can use this at any time between now and August 31st! Congratulations Tessa!

Yes, it’s Friday

So now it’s Friday and their appears to be a little bit of snow on the ground.  Not exactly what you look for when you are waiting for spring, but we’ll get through it.  Just had to share another image from a Senior Model Session recently.  This is on of their favorites!  If you are interested in becoming a model just apply here:

Rainy Day

Today is full of rain but we all know that Spring is just around the corner.  So we’ll take any good weather until then.  With that I wanted to share an image from yesterday’s shoot with Lauren.  What a great time and the images we made were awesome!!!

What a Week

It’s been a little crazy around here lately. If you are from around this area then you know a little about what I’m referring too. We had close to 17″ of snow hit the ground which immobilized many businesses and closed all the schools. That same week my dad passed away. Then that was immediately followed with flu like symptoms. I am now getting my voice back and feeling back up to par. So if you haven’t heard from me in a while I apologize for that. Stay tuned, we’ll have some fun stuff coming up!