What makes up a portrait.  Well for one, there needs to be someone in the photo.  You.  You make a portrait so special.  Without you, it would just be a photo of a background, a place outdoors, or the grass or rocks around.  You give a portrait life, you make it important.  You make a portrait an heirloom.  Something your family will treasure for generations.  You give the portrait a meaning to exist.  Without you, there is no purpose of a portrait.

What do I specialize in.  Portraits of you.  417-894-0230


Time is ticking down to graduation.  It’s almost 1 month away!  Can you believe it?  Well for all of you procrastinators out there, if you haven’t had your senior photos taken now is your chance.  I’m offering a Friends session for the next two weeks until April 29th.

So call to book your session, bring your friend with you and their session is free.

This is only for two weeks so call today.  417-894-0230

What a fun Family

What a fun family this was.  They were so fun and energetic that we just had to get a great image like this since they were just overflowing with excitement!  Makes me think I need a family photo like this!


Our Little Savanna

Our Daughter passes a milestone this week.  She turns 8 years old and will be baptized at the end of the month!  She is so excited and since the weather was so great yesterday we went outside to capture some portraits in her baptism dress.  Isn’t she beautiful!


What a Week

Well, what a past few weeks actually.  It seems that when it rains it pours and that was definitely the case for our home over the past several weeks!  From busy to slow to busy again.  3 ear infections and a case of strep throat.  Some major wiring issues with out house that went from having 30% without power to 80% without and back to 30% out.  From having a totally disfunctional office to a nice clean, organized space.  Ahhh.  After all that a collegue of mine from southern Missouri came up tonight and spent a little time with the family.  Of course we had to shoot some photos while we were here and had Brandi come in to help us out.  She’s such a sweet heart to come do that for us and brought Chris with her.  He’s such a sport and studied the whole time for his midterm!

I just had to share one photo before I went to bed to start another busy day tomorrow.  So until then.


Hush Little Baby

Our newest addition is such a Baby.  Seriously.  I couldn’t ask for a better newborn.  Besides his initial shock into this world, he has been a gem!  After he eats, he goes to sleep without hardly a cry from his mouth.  He likes to snuggle and all three of his brothers and sisters agreed to let us bring him home as soon as their mom is ready.  Take a look for yourself, you’ll see that I’m just another proud Father.

Again, I apologize for any missed calls but I promise to catch up to you by the end of this week!

Lessons Learned

I’ve had the past experience of attending several different photo seminars in my time and for the most part they’ve been great!  With the exception of only a few, I’ve been able to come away with an increased knowledge as well as a new drive for business.  This 3 day intense, almost non-stop adventure was not to dissapoint.  With classes from 9 am until 9 pm and many times earlier and later, it left me with some great tips, and techniques that I can use to enhance my skill as a photographer as well as a businessman. So here is a shot of a lady named Ina.  She volunteered for an impromptu class on lighting.  We used a video light only and were able to capture some great images.  Just had to share.

Another Senior

Just wanted to share another photo from a recent senior.