A Wet Wet Day

I’m slowly starting to catch up to all the fun and interesting photo shoots that I get to take part in.  For instance a few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot in the pouring rain and hang out that morning with 7 ladies in 7 beautiful wedding gowns!

It’s a fun thing the brides get to do and they call it Trash The Dress.  Since there was lighting involved, very few entered very far into the water, but take a look and you’ll see the rain all around!


We interupt the regular scheduled program…

To Bring you an image from a Trash the Dress session.  What is TTD exactly?  It is when you are over your wedding, we go out, to the field, the creek, the lake or like today, the rain.  We do that and then get some killer and unique images for your wall and your collection.

I’d prefer to not shoot one in the rain, but if we have to we have too.  Case in point, today.  It rained and we went through with it and the images I think turned out spectacular.  As I work more of the over I’ll be sure to share.