Happy June 30th

Tomorrow starts my favorite month of the year. Why?  Because my Birthday is in July!  Just wishing you a happy end to your June and a great start to your July!

Happy Monday

Just wanted to share a happier photo today with all the rain and yucky outside.  This is one of the fun ones from Casey’s Bridal Session.  It was such a blast to have her, her two nieces, her mom and aunt with us while we roamed downtown looking for some great locations.  She is going to make a beautiful bride!!!

Are Wedding Bells In Your Future?

Your wedding might be next month.  It might be next year.  It might be just a journal entry and a dream.  Whatever it is to you, and whenever it is, take some wonderful advice:  Let a true professional capture your wedding memories.  It will be one decision you will never regret! That I can promise you.  Even if you don’t choose me as your photographer, hire someone that has an artistic ability, and know how of capturing an image that will give you memories for generations to come.

Here are a list of some Friends and Fellow Artists whose work I not only admire but who are wonderful people who will serve your wedding day with the love and respect that it deserves and still make you laugh and smile the entire day.

Jason & Aurelia ~   Dawn Shields ~   Jared & Joanna ~   Josh Carter

Gene Ho ~   Jonathan CanlasSteve & Shelley

I’ve been blessed to know each of these teams/individuals for quite some time.  Honestly, their work is beauty and art combined. Their work inspires me every day I look upon it.   They have not only  made me a better photographer by knowing them,  working with them, and by being their friend, they have made me a better person.

So whoever you choose to work with during  your wedding, portraits or to capture your child’s birthday.  Whether it’s Josh, Jason & Aurelia,  Steve & Shelley, Gene, Dawn, Jared & Joanna, Jonathan or I.  Just make sure they inspire you, and you’ll always enjoy the art they create for you for years and years and years.

Happy March :)

Aren’t you excited that we are finally into the month of March?  I am!  I can’t wait for winter to go away and warmer weather to grace our presence!  Warmer weather means one thing for me…outdoor photo shoots!  I’ve got some great locations lined up this year, so if you are in need of family photos, children photos or want to update your headshots for your portfolio just hit me up!  Also, I’m still looking for 2011 Senior Models, so if you will be a senior for the year 2011 from Kickapoo, Glendale, Hillcrest, Central, Parkview, Willard, Ash Grove, Buffalo, Strafford, Branson, Republic, Nixa or Ozark just check out this link HERE for more information on our Senior Model Program!

With that information our of the way, say hello to Courtney.  Once the weather warms up a bit you’ll be seeing some more photos of her.  Until then, Happy March 1st!


OK, I finished up Justin & Janine’s wedding photos today and this was one of the last ones in the group.  I had forgotten we went outside to capture a photo or two in the falling snow and when I looked through them, this one turned out being one of my favorites!  What do you think?


Some Wedding Images

Just wanted to share a sneak peak at some wedding images that I’m finishing up!  You can tell, the bride was stunning!  Besides the cold weather, the images are turning out quite amazing if I say so myself!


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In St. Louis Today

Well the wedding will be underway shortly and everyone is excited.  The couple is as cute as you can get!  Here is another wedding image to share until tomorrow.


End of the Year

Well it’s that time of year that only comes around one time a year. What I’m talking about is the end of the year.  The time when we tend to reflect upon what we did the entire year, where we could do better, things we could change, resolutions we can make.  Well the final days of 2009 are fast upon us and before I usher out the last days I have the great opportunity to photograph one more wedding for 2009.  Tomorrow I’ll be in St. Louis sharing the day with Justin and Janine!  It will be cold but I know the images will be beautiful!!!  So in the spirit of their wedding tomorrow I’m sharing a wedding image with you today and tomorrow.  Wednesday I’ll be sure to put some of their images up for you to see.  Until then.


A Wedding Day Portrait

Mark and Amanda were married in Branson this year.  After their wedding and reception we traveled to the Japanese Stroll Garden in Springfield for a few more portraits of just the couple.  I think they turned out great and wanted to share one of Amanda!


A Wet Wet Day

I’m slowly starting to catch up to all the fun and interesting photo shoots that I get to take part in.  For instance a few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot in the pouring rain and hang out that morning with 7 ladies in 7 beautiful wedding gowns!

It’s a fun thing the brides get to do and they call it Trash The Dress.  Since there was lighting involved, very few entered very far into the water, but take a look and you’ll see the rain all around!