Summer Time

It’s so hot outside.  So hot that I have no desire to head outside unless it is to the pool!  I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.  With that in mind enjoy this photo for the day and stay C00L!


I’m a little bit behind in congratulation my niece and her new husband.  They are such a cute couple and they had their wedding in such a unique place!  With the location we were at, I saw this spot and thought of how wonderful it would be to make one of their wedding photos look like it came out of my Grandmother’s photo album.  Take a look.


OK, I finished up Justin & Janine’s wedding photos today and this was one of the last ones in the group.  I had forgotten we went outside to capture a photo or two in the falling snow and when I looked through them, this one turned out being one of my favorites!  What do you think?


Some Wedding Images

Just wanted to share a sneak peak at some wedding images that I’m finishing up!  You can tell, the bride was stunning!  Besides the cold weather, the images are turning out quite amazing if I say so myself!


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Justin & Janine

Congratulations to Justin and Janine who were married December 29th!  I wanted to share a quick photo form our freezing winter photo session in St. Louis.


End of the Year

Well it’s that time of year that only comes around one time a year. What I’m talking about is the end of the year.  The time when we tend to reflect upon what we did the entire year, where we could do better, things we could change, resolutions we can make.  Well the final days of 2009 are fast upon us and before I usher out the last days I have the great opportunity to photograph one more wedding for 2009.  Tomorrow I’ll be in St. Louis sharing the day with Justin and Janine!  It will be cold but I know the images will be beautiful!!!  So in the spirit of their wedding tomorrow I’m sharing a wedding image with you today and tomorrow.  Wednesday I’ll be sure to put some of their images up for you to see.  Until then.


Congratulations to Rex & Zoe

Just wanted to wish the best of luck to the new couple.  I hope you and your children’s days are filled with happiness, kindness and  love.  My congratulationss to you both!!!


2010 High School Senior Time

Katy was incredible to work with.  She’s a natural in front of the camera and really made my job that much easier.  We even got to visit the creek during our first session and she was such a good sport about it!   I had a blast working with Katy and just had to share one of my favorite images from the session.  If you want to see more you can see them HERE.


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Weddings Around the Corner

If you are here visiting the site for the first time let me be the one to welcome you here.  There is a lot of work, time and effort put into each image and I hope you take the time to look around.  For every image you see there are literally thousands more here on the computer, on separate hard drives and backed up.  I am grateful for the work I do and love every minute of it.  I have been photographing Weddings for over 9 years now. 5 of those have been digital.  About 3 years ago I started offering brides Wedding Albums.  They are beautiful and a sight to behold.  If you would like to see a sample of one, just give us a call to come in and look at it.  If you want to see a sample of what one looks like I’ll share one with you.  You can find it HERE.


Please, look around and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

:: 2009 :: Happy :: New :: Year :: 2009 ::

With warm wishes from my family to yours, we wish you the best of dreams and the sincerest of wishes for the new year!

To show our appreciation from my heart for your buisiness this paster year I am offering something very special that I think can be a blessing to some.

For the first 10 booked appointments of the New Year I am offering a “Pay as you wish” session.

That is, your session fee, as well as your order will be up to you in the amount that you pay!  My wife and I saw a small business do this and were inspired ourselves to give it a try.  So there it is.  It does include Session Fees and Reprint Sizes up to 20″x30″.

So if you held out until after Christmas to get your kids photos done, or to have some family photos taken, NOW is the time.  Send an email to me at  Let me know your schedule and times of day that will work good for you as well as what type of portrait session you want to book.  I’ll reply back letting your know you are one of the recepients of the “Pay as you wish” sessions.

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